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Our team of dynamic trainers empower lean/agile leaders using the methods and tools that reliably deliver industry leading solutions. 



Seeking a new way of working to improve your business outcomes can be overwhelming.  Let us help make the transition easier for your company by developing an achievable plan and helping you execute it.



Sometimes people understand agile & scaled agile theories & methods well enough, but struggle to apply that new learning in their context and put it into practice so they can gain the benefits.  Our workshops are customized to use the clients actual real work to support them in learning the mechanics of applying their new learning.    Call us for more information on how our workshops can help you go from walk to run on your agile journey!



At Agile Phoenix we support & guide our clients through the challenges of agile and scaled agile adoption. We take the time to listen to and understand our clients unique circumstances, challenges they are seeking solutions for and their business goals.  With these client specific insights, we work with our clients to create a thoughtful, customized approach that works best for the client and their specific needs and price point.​



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