Training Services

Scaled Agile Training & Certification

As a Scaled Agile Gold Partner, Agile Phoenix provides a wide variety of public and private Agile training for company leaders and knowledge workers with a focus special focus on SAFe training and certification.  Our accredited SAFe trainers and consultants are carefully selected for their EQ in addition to their proven hands-on digital transformation, agile and lean experience. The majority of our team has 20+ years experience supporting companies through lean and agile change.  Let our experience guide you!


Can help optimize the value you receive from adopting new, lean and agile ways of working. We ensure that your teams maximize their capability uplift, speed the transition and reduce any productivity dips along the way.  Our team has the ability to coach and inspire others due to their corporate experience at Fortune 500 firms.

Agile Consulting

Provide high quality consulting services for customers implementing agile software development - from small co-located teams, through large strategic programs, to geographically dispersed organizations. Whether you’re just getting started, ready to scale up, or looking to embed new practices across your organization, we can support you with our range of agile consulting services to fit your specific needs.


Agile Phoenix will evaluate your current development processes and identify areas where Agile techniques can benefit your organization.  We will work with you to develop a plan to support agile adoption and drive maturing your agile capabilities.