RTE Coaching Series

This one of a kind series is designed to focus 100% on the RTE role in SAFe.  Increase your impact on the ART, your impact in the company and your career!

What can you expect for each session:

  • Led by highly rated, exceptionally experienced coaches.
  • You will be part of a small group of up to 9 RTE’s with similar level of SAFe experience
  • 90 Minute virtual sessions twice a month in 3 months increments 
  • Experiential learning with a combination of lecture, workshops and exercises
  • Graduated Learning Levels to ensure you learn what you actually need when you need it

Applications due by June 9, noon Eastern

Coaches & Coffee

RTE Level 1

Best For:
  • RTE without formal training and/or certification
  • New RTE that is getting ready for their first PI
  • - RTE who has had a challenging PI and needs help to get things on track


Executing Essential SAFe​ effectively as a new RTE

Learning Objectives

  • How to get to your first PI and make it successful

  • Prepare the Agenda and Leadership for your first PI

  • Execute coordinated releases across a program

  • Reinforce the basic Agile and Lean practices

  • Learn how to apply SAFe ceremonies to your unique needs

  • Practice techniques to increase understanding and application in the office


​S1: Preparing for the Planning Event

S2: Facilitating the Planning Event

S3: Executing the PI through ART Syncs

S4: RTE as Chief SM

S5: Preparing for the Inspect & Adapt Workshop

S6: Role Play Scenarios

RTE Level 2

Best For:
  • RTE with at least one SAFe certification (SA, SSM, SASM, etc..)
  • Has lead at least 1 PI


On mastering Essential SAFe and effectively supporting Portfolio SAFe

Learning Objectives

  • Level up as an RTE beyond Essential SAFe

  • Focus on the intent of each critical SAFe events

  • Master facilitation skills that will increase engagement and collaboration

  • Steer your RTE role beyond your ART to influencing change across the organization

  • How to make a valuable impact in your role


S1: Critical SAFe Events Part 1

S2: Critical SAFe Events Part 2

S3: RTEs Responsibility to Portfolio

S4: Success @ Scale (Metrics)

S5: RTE as ART Coach

S6: Role Play Scenarios

RTE Level 3

Best For:
  • Experienced RTE
  • Multiple PI


On mastering the Strong Skills (aka "Soft Skills") needed to excel in RTE role

Learning Objectives

  • Under construction, coming soon!!!!


Under construction, coming soon

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